You need to decide if you are playing to win or playing not to lose.

I make a difference and create a ripple effect of brilliance within a team.

My Mission

I would be honored for the opportunity to work for a great organization that’s mission is to give their customers a great experience and have a strong desire to achieve market leadership through socially responsible actions designed to impact society.

This is a branding philosophy that resonates with my core professional values. I believe brands without a strong identity and whose customer service fails to fulfill brand promise are ill-equipped to survive. The secret of a truly great marketer is craftsmanship and a desire to challenge the norms and accepted ideas.

I am results-focused with excellent communication and interpersonal abilities that build trust among cross-functional teams. I believe in optimizing individual and collaborative team efforts to foster a cohesive and productive environment.

I understand how to make an impact on an organization and implement successful strategies that increase the organization’s reach, fundraising, and business development.

I encourage Creativity, Genius and Innovation.



that will change the way you market your business forever. This is a significant paradigm shift to ensure your marketing works in today’s world:


Make marketing videos that draw fans, earn subscribers, increase conversion rates, and help grow your business.

Content is at the heart of most successful digital marketing campaigns. Improve brand reputation by building trust through your content. Great content helps influence conversions Want to develop rapport with customers? Publish great content; I could go on and on.

A powerful story is the heart
of your marketing plan.

Make it global with an outstanding Digital Strategy.

See My Top Notch Competences

I love everything about Marketing and Communication, from research to SEO analysis.  To create and organize events to travel and get to know the customers and their needs.

The reality is that it will always be important as marketer to have a high-level understanding about each of these different disciplines and how they should work together.

I am knowledgeable about branding, PR, responsive design, international considerations, content strategy | design| implementation, social media, structured data, local SEO, authorship markup, CRO, analytics…

Shall we?

My Work

I lead the marketing efforts through the creation of programs, materials, and practices designed to promote a favorable impression of the company internally and externally.
  • Ability to write clearly and effectively in email communication, marketing materials, website content, and proposals.
  • Develop marketing materials and proposals to win network and increase revenue.
  • Coordinate meeting and event logistics including, event details, mailing list updates, audio-visual needs, entertainment, signage, shipping of collateral and promotional items, processing payments and supporting documents, logistics and measurement of return on investment (ROI)
  • Maintain and update client and prospective client databases, including associated email distribution lists.
  • Assist with blogs, client updates, and other external thought leadership initiatives.
  • Ability to use CRM and other technology systems to track leads.
  • Coordinate industry surveys or award submissions.
  • Facilitate PR opportunities and social media efforts in coordination with the Communications team.

Enable a business advantage by disrupting the norm.


To Wrap it Up

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Because you Know your WHAT, and you Know your WHY and you Want to Know your HOW.