Trusted Marketing Manager, Savvy Strategist of Marketing and Business Development.

Fan of Purposeful Talking.

Audience Seer and ?Dragon Slayer of Customers trances caused by boring lingo.


I am Sonia Willcox. Marketing Specialist holding a Swiss Brevet Federal in Marketing. Vast working experience with companies in Switzerland that are engaged in marketing their brand and products both in the national arena as well as internationally.

From developing communications initiatives and marketing collateral to overseeing internal and external communications strategies, I excel at generating useful and positive organizational exposure and enabling the success of overall communications efforts. Along with my proven record of developing trusting and lasting key relationships, I am prepared to impact the success of your organization in this position substantially.

We help and empower numerous entrepreneurs and business owners to take their ideas and transform them into the number one choice within their industry. Working with specialized external resources, consulting with internal production teams to balance sales projections with production capability, and marketing activities thereof, organized and participated in roadshows and trade fairs. Researched markets for business development and product sales, worked with the CEO and other key staff to build the firm’s network of crucial business introducers. As well as work jointly with stakeholders for investment reporting, company presentations, and many more daily tasks that make up the intricate workings of a dynamic marketing department.

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My ultimate enjoyment is when I see the results our clients get, the sentiment of pride and how surprised they are. We stand by our motto: Bigger, faster, stronger. I am grateful and extremely proud of my team and all the things we have accomplished in a very short periof of time.

Sonia Willcox

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We have all felt rejection at some point in our professional life. I work for people that over time encounter loss of self-esteem, identity, self-worth, and even self-concept. I collaborate with senior professionals empowering them to take a leap of faith and find their new professional challenge.
We build together a top-notch Job-Seekers’ Toolkit with a compelling website with strong branding, a robust LinkedIn profile, we prepare the interview with a fine elevator pitch.

I teach them how to attract potential employers by leveraging the social media arena.

They dramatically improve their job search results. More importantly, they have consistently landed fantastic, new jobs!

The Way To Succeed In A Crowded Marketplace
Is To “Zig” While Everyone Else “Zags.”


We have excellent communication and interpersonal skills,  commercial awareness and the ability to think strategically. We supervise the different stages of all marketing efforts online and offline.

We are ecstatic about helping brands drive traffic and convert users.

We bring a full range of in-house services together to provide complete, exceptional services.


We are goal-driven and can rapidly adapt to changing situations without losing sight of the overall objective. We also feel at ease with reviewing marketing objectives and plans to adjust to opportunistic sales, network, or market opportunities as they present themselves.

Last but not least, we believe we are  genuine team players that love to work with people, and we never cease to be highly enthusiastic about our job, building value, or achieving results. We like the pressure, without silos or handoffs.

We hope the above provides a deeper understanding of our desire to join your team positively. We are available at all times to provide you with any additional information you could require.